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Get the most out of your time online!

The average American spends an average of 2 hours and 35 minutes online each day, and 50 minutes on their mobile phones. Improve the productivity of your time on the Internet with these helpful tools.

Organize your inbox
Americans spend an average of 28% of their time (or 13 hours of their workweek) reading and answering email at work.
These apps and websites will organize your inbox, which makes checking your email a less stressful experience.
Mailbox (free; for iPhone) works with Gmail and forces you to choose the fate of each email you receive. You can delete the message, archive it, move it to a to-do list or set a reminder to address it later. (free; for Gmail and Yahoo!) rolls your subscription emails into a single daily digest email.

Eliminate distractions
Social media and other websites have the power to lure us away from our work and into the world of celebrity gossip, news blogs and the status updates of our friends. In fact, Americans spend an
average of 16 minutes of every hour on social networks, 9minutes on entertainment sites, 5 minutes on online shopping sites and 3 minutes on news and email sites. These programs will help you take back your productivity.

Freedom ($10/month) blocks you from the Internet for a period of time that you set.

Self-Control (free; for Mac) and SelfRestraint (free; for Windows) allows you to block access to distracting websites.

Anti-social ($15 for registered app; for Mac) will block your social media sites until you reboot your computer.

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